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After you have created your accounts your configure your client program like the diagram below.

Email Settings: POP3: mail.au SMTP: mail.au Can I use the free 60mb web space to set up a website with my own domain name? You need to apply for chargeable aa Net Hosting services if you want to do that.

Your web browser still has the proxy settings from your previous ISP.

Go into the setup/options area of your web browser and turn of any proxy or auto detect settings. Sometimes there is a routing problem stopping you accessing a particular site.

Web: Phone: 1300 665 076 Services: ADSL|ADSL2|ADSL2 |VOIP Availability: Australia Wide|Qld|Vic History: aa Net is an Australian owned, national Internet service provider, run by a young, innovative, close-knit team of Internet specialists.

There is a chance your circuit is ready to use even though it is before the official' connection date.

I have configured my modem and put the username and password in and it's not connecting...what's wrong?

Re-read the Troubleshooting guide at the end of your order confirmation.

After thoroughly reading through our support FAQ, send an email ( click here) stating your exact error message, and, if you are an existing user, the time of failure and we will log a help desk call for a technician to contact you.

I know I have a connection because the two computers are flashing in my system tray but I can't get out to the internet...why?

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