Apostolic beliefs dating

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Satan had entrapped these divine sparks and created humankind as their prison.

Thus there was a part of the Good God trapped in all men and women, longing to rejoin its Maker.

Yet the Bad God had no power over the soul - a divine spark of the Good God. Any hell that existed was here on this material earth.

The Roman Church seemed to have successfully extirpated Cathars and Cathar beliefs by the early fourteenth century, but the truth is more complicated.On the surface, their basic beliefs seem unremarkable.Most people would have difficulty in distinguishing the principle Cathar beliefs from what are now regarded as conventional orthodox Christian beliefs.The Cathar view was that their theology was older than that of the Roman Church and that the Roman Church had corrupted its own scripture, invented new doctrine and abandoned the beliefs and practices of the Early Church.The Catholic view, of course was exactly the opposite, they imagined Catharism to be a badly distorted version of Catholicism.

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