Error updating the password file android samba

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It doesn't work from my Android phone either, but Kodi on my laptop has no issue connecting to SMB on my computer. I also have the same issues with SMB on my nexus player. I also successfully hooked up Kodi via UPNP, but that is a slow wonky mess.The humorous thing is that I downloaded ES explorer, put in the correct credentials and was able to watch any video by selecting Kodi as the app to play it. I hope someone figures out what is going on with SAMBA soon!So I see there is a ton of people with SMB issues and various solutions, but so far I've found nothing that works for me.I had a solid SMB share going with my Fire TV version 2.I've tried many different fixes, from killing my homegroup and starting a new one, creating a local account and attempting to access the smb with those credentials, attempting to connect to smb by manually typing in my computer's IP address, editing the registry to increase the memory management, changing the location of my shared media, disabling password protection, disabling my firewall, clearing the application data via the main Fire TV settings. Like I said before, the results are inconsistent, but regardless I have been unable to create a solid smb connection and stream media. In addition to the things mentioned above: I have been able to play the files without any problems that were already in the Kodi-Library, but I could not scan the shares for new items or manually browse via the "File"-Dialog.It was working fine, and now it's not working at all. If I'm accessing the share with my Android Phone with the App "File Expert" everything works fine.Anyone else having issues after this Windows 10 update? I've been looking for days online for a solution, I hope I haven't missed it. I unplugged my Fire for over an hour, and after restarting, I was able to add my whole TV library, but only half (or so) of my movie library.

I was a little underwhelmed at the main Android performance at first, as I bought it for a Christmas present for my parents to replace their current WDTV Live solution (They need simple lol).

It's like every once in a while I get a glimpse of it working, and then it just starts throwing "invalid argument" messages at me again.

Did a deep clean of my hard drive and registry, rebooted my PC. Tried adding video sources to a new install of Kodi via SMB.

Then the other day, my computer updated to 1511 while I was away, and Kodi was no longer updating my library.

I could still play the current files, but anything that was added to my library on my PC was not showing up on Kodi.

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