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Meeting Russian Ladies has never been easier or more efficient. I have been meaning to write this blog for a long time!don’t have anything to talk about, but if I’m sitting across from an uncommunicative human for an hour, I will feel compelled to fill up every second of that hour with words. I’m really here to talk about first kiss anxiety, which is way, way more serious. I’m hovering.” I think it’s intended to be romantic in some way, but unless you are MADLY in love with the person and the smell of their breath gets you high, it’s just weird. If you make eye contact and move in dead on, it signifies a kiss on the lips. One or both of the people miscalculates the angle and noses collide or you get a jaw in your eye socket or teeth clack together. It’s as if you just got out of the slammer earlier that day. And for those of you who similarly fear awkward silences, you know how much energy it takes to fill an entire hour with words. I think there are two schools of thought on first kisses: Those who think a bad first kiss indicates incompatibility and those who believe that kissing is not all-important. If she moves away from your dead on approach, SHE DOESN”T WANT TO KISS. Whatever face parts manage to get in the way, this kiss is never fun. You’re on a mission to kiss a human woman and it doesn’t matter whose mouth gets in your way. That is a significant difference so definitely a big thing to consider. The Nova starts a bit wider and then moves up in a curved shaped, then spreading out a bit at the top, it is almost an hour glass shape.The Nova also comes with neat little elastics that tie up all the extra slack from the unused straps, the Connecta does not. Both are totally unpadded and available in great fabric choices.They can also be worn like rucksack straps but are more commonly crossed.

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This happened to me once and it was rather unfortunate.

I am very sensitive and easy to hurt, so I am hoping to find a good man, who will protect me, support me, respect and love!

Both are easy to adjust, easy to clip & unclick and both are equally secure and comfy against the body.

The total length of the webbing & panel together on the Connecta is 125cm and the total length of the webbing & panel together on the Nova is 188cm. The Connecta panel starts narrower and moves up at straight angles to the top of the baby carrier.

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