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The Communications and Information Technology Commission, the agency that regulates telecoms in Saudi Arabia, released a statement saying that it would “like to clarify that it did not direct/order to block nor return such a feature” to service, and that it was following up on the issue with Internet service providers.

Some users told Arab News they could make calls without problem: “Yes it is working good but it’s very surprising,” one said via social media.

A group of traditional Saudi women, skeptical of any sort of liberalization, recently started an organization called My Guardian Knows What’s Best for Me.

I thought I understood the regime of gender apartheid pretty well.

" Appearing nervous and excited, he later offers her some of the few English words he knows, proclaiming: "I love you too. I love you too." She tells him: "Aw, I don't even know what you're saying, but I love you so much." But his efforts to woo the US vlogger landed him in big trouble as he was arrested in the Saudi capital Riyadh while hanging out with his friends.

Just the vacation spot for a headstrong, adventure-loving, cocktail-imbibing, fashion-conscious chick.

” The calling feature was welcomed last year when it was made available on users’ devices, even though Whats App had said it would not be available in all countries “due to local laws and regulations.” Many Whats App users complained that the only way to call someone via Whats App is to be connected to the same wi-fi network. It only works if you and recipient are on the same wi-fi, which is stupid,” Indian Careem driver Kheder told Arab News.

Meanwhile, Fatima Ahmed, housewife, successfully received a video call from her husband shortly after reading the viral hashtag on Twitter. Not only a voice call, but we used the video calling feature,” Fatima said.

When I suggested we visit, Abdullah smiled with sweet exasperation.

It was a smile I would grow all too accustomed to from Saudi men in the coming days.

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