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There are few issues I have with Naruto Online, other than the fact that they drew heavily on existing dialogue and plot to fill in the gaps.First of all, they retconned part of the story; Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were assigned to Kakashe and they met him in a classroom, but in the game they met him in the field where they were given their ninja exam. Probably, but if you’re going to make a game that appeals to fangirls you should really follow the source material.Enjoy our large array of Strategy, Arcade, Puzzle, Retro Games.We hope you enjoy your visit and make sure to come back for more fun games added everyday.The player is able to double-jump and teleport up and sideways to get to places that are normally out of reach.

That being said, you start in the Hidden Leaf village taking orders from the first Hokage, who actually died pretty early on in the Naruto anime.

I’m not sure I’d have wanted to see the storyboard for Naruto Online simply because it borrows a bit heavily from the source material and it seems that for at least a few of the quests, whoever was in charge of making sure they stuck to the lore took a sick day.

Basically, the game’s story follows the arcs of the first Naruto series, though I have no idea if it ever morphs into Shippuden.

There wasn’t much to do other than look at the pretty scenery, and I found myself jumping back onto the main story before long.

I was a little disappointed but I have to say the scenery was beautifully drawn.

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