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According to Max, this particular group currently lack dating app options that suit their needs.

Chemistry over text is not the same as chemistry IRL.

Both dating apps and real life expose users, mostly women, to stalking, threats and many an unsolicited dick pic.

A mere two seconds browsing the Instagram account Bye Felipe, which collates hostile responses dudes send women on apps like Tinder, provides a taste of what women have to put up with.

Their continual presence has led to a point where it’s not out of the norm to find at least one dating app on the average Australian’s phone, regardless of whether they’re in a relationship or not (“I just wanted to see what everyone’s on about with Tinder! Thanks to booming consumer demand, the dating market has become saturated, meaning any business looking to carve their name into the dating scene has to go above and beyond to develop a unique identity, whether it’s through a focus on sexuality, niche interests or personality traits, and so on.

This formed part of the ambitious challenge that Max Kenny set out to overcome with the development of Two Peas, a dating app with a focus on using strict search parameters to create a more profound connection experience.

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